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View all Mohave County foreclosures by city below. Each foreclosure list below is updated daily to provide you with the most recent information as possible. Feel free to contact David directly with questions or comments.

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Kingman, Lake Havasu, Bullhead City, Golden Valley, Fort Mohave, and Mohave Valley Bank Foreclosures are all at your fingertips on my website. All foreclosure home lists and listings are available. Find all the Arizona foreclosure properties by calling David at (928) 377-5640 and he will personally Search the database of Arizona foreclosures FREE for you with no obligation. You can cancel your listings subscription at anytime via phone, email, or fax. David will update you on any new foreclosures daily as they become available. As your personal Realtor®, David Queen will deliver the foreclosure information needed.

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Many home buyers and investors have questions on how purchasing a foreclosure works. I have listed the most frequently asked foreclosure questions below. If you have further questions please contact David Directly.

The home is sold As-Is. Am I still entitled to an inspection period?
YES! David is skilled in contract writing and negtiating and he will always ask for a home inspection for his clients on the original purchase offer. The length of the inspection typically ranges from 7 to 10 days on a residential property.

With financing getting harder to find what happens if I can not find a lender?
Our Arizon Real Estate contracts are contingent upon financing but make sure and let David know up front what your intentions are. Many times David can help you find a lender that will do financing on the home as well.

If the home has been vacant do things start to break?
In some cases there may be something that need attention but many times the homes are in great condition. David can refer many qualified home inspectors that you can chose from and they will give you a complete report on the home including any thing that they recommend attention to or replacing.

Is it possible to get a Home Warranty on a REO property that is being sold As-Is?
Yes! You can purchase a Home Warranty for 1 year at a time. They usually range from $350 - $500. David can ask the bank to provide this for you if requested. We have recently been very successfull in getting a 1 year Home Warranty for his clients.

Are the banks negotiable on their foreclosure properties?
Banks usually price their foreclosure listings at or below market value so that they are able to sell them within 30-60 days. Most banks will be willing to negotiate some if the property does not sell within that time frame. But remember that their asking prices are usually priced to sell. Many buyers will "low ball" the banks and will get a counter offer at full price or a rejected offer. Many times home buyers will miss out on a home that was perfect for them and at a great price from "low balling". Remember that these homes are priced to sell and that other buyers could be looking at the same property at the same time.

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